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The first social affordable housing project will be implemented in Dilijan by phases:  

  • first phase - 16 apartments (completed) 

  • second phase - 38 apartments 

  • third phase - 150 apartments

Project Rationale: 

  • Based on survey conducted by ASBA Foundation currently about 500 families are in need of housing in Dilijan community, including 200-220 families considered as potential beneficiaries for social affordable housing.  

  • The core beneficiaries of the project are middle income Dilijani families and people moving to work and live in Dilijan. The average monthly income level of the family is considered AMD 200,000-250,000.

  • Within the scope of the project ASBA Foundation and Dilijan Municipality signed Partnership Agreement, according to which Diljan community:

    • Provides land plot and unfinished building at preferential conditions   

    • Supports with development of necessary infrastructure


Project Goal:

Provide sustainable and affordable housing to low and middle income families in Dilijan by:

  • Developing housing stock of up to 200 well managed social rental and affordable housing units 

  • Developing community for social housing dwellers - 200 families

Project implementation: Project preparation activities in Dilijan community started in 2011. 

Project is designed for three phases:

I phase – 16 apartments which considers development of the land plot by new terraced housing (the phase is completed in December 2014),

II phase - 38 apartments, including 18 apartments in terraced housing and 20 apartments in reconstructed multi-apartment building (this phase will be implemented upon investments available),

III phase – 150 apartments. 

The project financing for the first phase is provided by Dutch International Guarantees for Housing


Financial Guarantees are provided by Groen West  Dutch Housing Corporation. 

Project outcomes:

  • Newly developed energy efficient and sustainable housing stock for low and middle income families in Dilijan, 

  • Newly formed community of social housing dwellers, 

  • Different housing options (dwelling unit in apartment building or detached house with small garden), 

  • Affordable housing for sale or long-term rental housing.


Business Summary of Dilijan Project

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