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   Inspired by the successful first edition of Social Impact Days organizers decided to repeat it in autumn. On 15-18 October Social Impact Days brings together 45 experts and officials in the sphere of urban development from Caucasus, Russia, Turkey and EU countries. This time empowering city was in the spotlight of participants.




  The Forum focused on the ways of development of participatory citizenship and social innovative management. The new point of the Forum was study visit of so-called “city-laboratories” – Dilijan and Kutaisi. During the City Lab in Dilijan, the participants, among the other urban development projects, visited Dilijan Housing Complex - social housing project of ASBA Foundation. For this event ASBA summarized the immense volume of work done for community development in Dilijan during last five years. Certainly social apartments were the key point for urban development however there were many other initiatives and activities worthy to be mentioned.

The Social Impact Days was organized by BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, MitOst and IDeA Foundation.

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