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   ASBA believes that each family and person has a right for decent, reliable and affordable housing.

Our approach to housing development:

  • We build houses for families to become their homes
  • We introduce change in the housing lifestyle of individuals, families and communities
  • We empower families for better future
  • We empower communities for sustainable development

Our business principles:

  • To develop social housing stock in Armenia with substantial share of social rental housing
  • To become social entrepreneur  - ASBA applies sound business principles in developing and management social housing to achieve their social goals
  • To attract capital for a continued development in a growing social rental stock in the future.
  • To introduce innovative sustainable management of new and existing housing in Armenia
  • To manage the social housing stock independently in order to secure that the stock is managed professionally and financially in a cost-efficient and high-quality way
  • To make profit on management and commercial activities related to housing in order to reinvest in social housing development


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