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Vanadzor is the capital of Lori region of Armenia. With a population of about 105,000 it is the third-largest city in Armenia. Vanadzor is situated in the northern part of the country. It is located around 128 km north of the capital Yerevan.

Social affordable housing project in Vanadzor will provide 80 apartments.


Project rationale:

  • Based on survey conducted by ASBA Foundation currently about 4000 families are in need of housing in Vanadzor community and another 3280 families are living in deteriorated houses (III level). Over 800 families in need of housing are considered as potential beneficiaries for social affordable housing.
  • The housing need in Vanadzor community has decreasing tendency during last four years, which is caused mainly by population migration and the number of newly built houses in the community.
  • The core beneficiaries of the project are middle income families with average monthly income level of AMD 250,000.
  •  Within the scope of the project ASBA Foundation and Vanadzor Municipality signed Partnership Agreement, according to which Vanadzor community is ready to:

- Provide 4 unfinished multi-apartment buildings at preferential conditions

- Make investments for infrastructure development and territory improvement at the project area.


Project goal: Provide sustainable and affordable housing to low and middle income families in Vanadzor by:

  • Developing housing stock of 80 well managed social rental and affordable housing units,
  • Developing community for social housing dwellers - 80 families.


Project implementation: Project preparation activities in Vanadzor community started in 2012. Project development is designed for three phases (based on initial investment scheme).

Project term:  20-25 years

  • Duration of construction activities is 1 year for each phase. Number of project phases may range from 1 to 3 depending on funding conditions.

Project Outcomes:

  • Newly developed energy efficient and sustainable housing stock for low and middle income families in Vanadzor, 

  • Newly formed community of social housing dwellers, 

  • Affordable housing for sale or long-term rental housing.


Business Summary for Vanadzor Project

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