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An estimated 100.000 low to middle income families in Armenia are in urgent need of housing. Their number is growing every year, because of rapid deterioration of housing stock in the country, demographic development and an underdeveloped housing market. These families are the potential clients of ASBA.

In collaboration between Armenian and Dutch housing professionals, we have launched a new business model in the housing sector in Armenia. Hereby we focus on housing products for this low to middle income market.

We offer affordable and high quality products to our clients via smart partnerships with municipalities throughout Armenia to allow affordability below market price, e.g. by availing of cheap public land for construction and introducing innovations in the construction design and management.

By 2017, ASBA will have delivered at least 400 homes to families. The first project construction is underway in Dilijan. Projects are under development in 5 other municipalities. Each housing project is designed to be financially self-sustainable. 

ASBA offers investors:

  • the opportunity to be an early-bird participant in building up an affordable housing sector in Armenia

  • financial return on ASBA project-shares of 5%

  • participation in an emerging housing market, with possibility of substantial rise in share value over the next few years

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