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ASBA Foundation enjoys support of a wide range of partners.

Our institutional partners:
Woonbron Social Housing Corporation (NL), Groen West Social Housing Corporation (NL), PUM-Netherlands Senior Experts (NL), UNDP office in Armenia

Our financial and investment partner:
Dutch International Guarantee for Housing – DIGH Foundation (NL)

Our partner municipalities in Armenia:
Partnership developed with municipalities of Dilijan, Hrazdan, Vedi, Ashtarak, Vanadzor, and Alaverdi for implementing investment projects in those towns

Network membership:
Since 2013 ASBA is an associate member of Housing Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing


ASBA views partnership development as a way to fulfill its mission and strategy and is looking for partners interested in development of sustainable social and affordable housing sector in the country to bring lasting change in the life of hundred thousands families, and supporting development of communities of Armenia.

Possible areas for cooperation include but not limited by the following:

  • ASBA organization development, exchange and networking

  • Learning and exchange for supportive housing policy development

  • New business opportunities in the area of social and affordable housing in Armenia and in the wider region

  • New investment opportunities in ongoing housing projects in Armenia, also in the forms of guarantees for affordable long-term financing

  • Targeted assistance to ASBA beneficiaries – families with low income, as a part of corporate social responsibility

  • Innovations for affordable housing, including low-cost construction, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy

  • Exposure of partner organizations in Armenia, Caucasus and Black Sea Region


To become ASBA partner you may:

  • Join existing networks or suggest new ones

  • Support individual projects or families benefiting from affordable housing

  • Join ASBA Advisory team of professionals

  • Subscribe to our newsletter and correspondence

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