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Today ASBA Foundation was honored to host the Delegation of the Dutch Parliament and the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Armenia in Dilijan, at the first affordable housing project of ASBA Foundation.
The Executive Director of ASBA Foundation, Mr. Ara Nazinyan together with the Deputy Mayor of Dilijan, Mr. Armen Makaryan conducted a short tour at the project site showing the apartments ready for rental dweller families. Afterwards a discussion-meeting was organized in the living room of one of duplex apartments. During the meeting Mr. Nazinyan presented the history of the project and the Foundation, as well as the activities of ASBA with special highlights of Matra project, the role of Dutch housing organizations in setting up ASBA and its first project in Dilijan. Also the current issues and challenges in Dilijan, including lack of affordable financing for potential dwellers and lack of affordable investment for continuing Dilijan project were introduced during the meeting.
After discussion the delegation met with the family who moved to live in Dilijan Housing Complex. The members of the delegation were trying to understand the motivation of the family and their impression after first couple of months. At the end of the visit the Dutch Parliament Delegation was invited to the tree planting ceremony.
In conclusion Mr. van Bommel, the head of delegation thanked for organizing the visit and mentioned that now the members of the Dutch Parliament can really understand challenges of social housing in Armenia. He said that they took notes on all the issues discussed and will try to address them together with the Embassy.
Trees planted by the delegation members will stay at Dilijan Housing Complex forever to remind about the great support provided by the people and the Government of the Netherlands to Armenia in developing much needy social and affordable housing sector. 

In a relatively short period of time ASBA Foundation was able to build the first affordable housing complex which already became a home for low income family. This was made possible thanks to the fruitful cooperation between ASBA Foundation and Dutch housing organizations.


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