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  Syrian Armenians’ housing problems stay in the spotlight of ASBA Foundation. Second time ASBA organizes a visit to Dililjan for Syrian Armenians aimed to show them living and working opportunities of the town. Recently during one of the community meetings with Syrian Armenians Dilijan development projects were been presented and got impressive feedback from participants. This fact motivated ASBA team to organize the visit. At first the group visited Municipality where visitors met the mayor and specialists in sphere of employment. They were presented Dilijan history and showed job and business real chances. Then they visited Dilijan Housing Complex of ASBA Foundation.

Today Dilijan housing Complex is the only social housing opportunity in the town suggesting apartments for low and middle income families. So, it may be the best solution for the housing problems of Syrian Armenians. ASBA CEO Ara Nazinyan presented in detail energy-efficient apartments as well as selling or long-term renting conditions. We should notice that ASBA tries to make apartments maximal affordable for our compatriots to help them feel themselves comfortable and save in the homeland.

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