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During August 21-24 Ara Nazinyan, the director of ASBA Foundation and Rudy de Jong, the Chair of ASBA Board visited Denmark to identify potential partnerships and support for promoting social and affordable housing in Armenia. Two meetings were organized by the Embassy of Armenia in Copenhagen in connection to development of social affordable housing in Armenia. Both meetings were attended by the Ambassador Hrachya Aghajanyan and the ASBA management team.

At the meeting with representatives of the BL - Federation of Social Housing Organizations of Denmark, Bent Madsen (Director) and Natalia Rogaczewska (Head of International Department) the parties presented the development of social and affordable housing in the context of development of each country during last years. The parties also discussed first steps in further partnership development process and identified initial areas for potential cooperation, including energy efficiency and accessibility of housing.

During the meeting with the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Denmark the Ambassador of Armenia and the Director of ASBA presented needs and issues of housing sector in Armenia. Armenia is a focus country for Danish Neighborhood Program for 2013-2017, and all kind of bilateral cooperation activities are welcomed by the Ministry. Although housing is not a direct point in the development assistance program, the Ministry is open to consider innovative proposals within the framework of cooperation program 2013-2017.

ASBA Foundation highly appreciates engagement and support from the Embassy of Armenia and will continue coordination with the Embassy in the process of developing mutually beneficial partnership with Danish organizations. 

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