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On November 14th, 2014 ASBA Foundation in cooperation with the Municipality of Dilijan and Mission Armenia NGO organized the first introductory visit to Dilijan for a group of Armenian refugees from Syria. First the visitors were introduced with the town, with new developments there by making a short tour around the key places. Then, the group was hosted at Dilijan Housing Project site of ASBA Foundation to view the newly built houses. At the project site the director of ASBA, Mr. Ara Nazinyan presented the unique features of the housing project, the conditions for living in rental dwellings and the opportunities for buying them for ownership. Mr. Nazinyan also answered to all the questions and inquiries of the guests.

Then the guests had a very interesting lunch meeting in the Municipality of Dilijan, during which the Mayor of town A. Santrosyan and the Vice-Mayor A. Makaryan introduced in details the cultural heritage of the town, as well as the prospects of development of the town and new opportunities in Dilijan. The Mayor and Vice-Mayor also presented a sizeable list of professions required in Dilijan and potential for starting small businesses there and expressed their readiness to support Armenian refugees from Syria with finding appropriate job opportunities in a quite short term.

The director of ASBA Foundation and the Mission Armenia representative answered all the questions of the guests and clarified the conditions for providing rental dwellings and the opportunities for buying them.

All the visitors liked the area, the buildings and also were fine with the conditions offered. Many of them expressed a genuine desire to move to Dilijan, if they could find a proper job opportunity there.

The guests were grateful to ASBA Foundation for the interesting and productive visit and to Dilijan Municipality for warm reception and readiness to support. All participants highly appreciated the role of American benefactor Raffy Ardhaldjian, who is the supporter of continued practical assistance to Syrian Armenians and the initiator of the event.

Such events will be organized in the future too.



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