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Advisory Board

Advisory Board of ASBA Foundation was formed in 2013.

- Provides advices and expert opinion on ASBA strategy, programs and projects
- Supports expansion of ASBA network and partnership
- Promotes ASBA with different organizations and networks 

ASBA Advisory Board Includes distinguished experts from Netherlands, Armenia, Switzerland, France and Serbia.


Dick Reinders (Netherlands) is senior adviser housing policies for Woonbron Housing Corporation. Besides his advising position Dick Reinders coordinates Woonbron’s input in a small number of international housing policies for other Dutch housing corporations and for the municipality of Rotterdam. Before that he worked for consumer organizations in the field of social housing. Dick Reinders has greatly contributed to the institutional development of ASBA Foundation and capacity building of local municipalities through trainings and workshops conducted by Woonbron leading specialists.



Irina Vanyan (Armenia) is an associate professor at Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction. Previously she has worked as executive director for Habitat for Humanity Armenia and Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development. She is an expert and researcher in urban development, urban economics and housing.





 Ernesto Morosin (Switzerland) has been working in humanitarian housing sector in Serbia, Georgia and Armenia. He has a long term project development experience with SDC (Swiss Development Agency for Cooperaiton). Ernesto Morosin extremely supported to development of Social Housing Program in Armenia (Matra) and lobbied to the Embassy of Netherlands in Tbilisi.




Pierre TOUYA (France)
Advisor representative with the Director General, Deputy Director group


Senior Advisor on Social Housing at PolyLogis





Branislava Zarkovic (Serbia)
Architect Branislava Zarkovic is a president of the NGO Housing Centre – Housing Development Center for Socially Vulnerable Groups from Belgrade, Serbia. She has worked as a consultant and researcher in the field of housing for vulnerable groups and on internally-displaced persons (IDPs) and refugee issues related to integration and housing, poverty alleviation, civic and cultural identity, racial equality and institutional discrimination. Specific projects have included social housing in supportive environments, supportive housing for people with disabilities, livelihood enhancement for refugees and IDPs, and various monitoring and evaluation projects.


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